Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bring On February!

This last week was full of surprises. I took on a Superbowl party, a baby shower in March, and of course still being the "secretary" for book club. Also- my calling at church is being put into full effect and I will be the speaker at our next Relief Society event in one week! Lots of things to do, but honestly.... it is nice.

For school this week, we learned on Tuesday that Wednesday was Groundhog's Day. I was tempted to throw in the movie, "Groundhog's Day" with Bill Murray, but decided that it was probably not appropriate for the kids to watch. It did lead me on to think about how great other movies are though...such as "Multiplicity" also starring Andie McDowell. LOVE THAT MOVIE!!

Back to school... The biggest thing we did this week was to plan our family garden. a "FAMILY GARDEN" implies that not only MOM will do the work, but also the entire FAMILY! This is the first time ever that I have ever had to start from red clay and try to create a viable environment for these veggies to grow in.

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